Sunday, February 2, 2014

Putting the Cape away

This is a awesome passage from my book I am reading ""Yes, there are moments when I want to dig out my superwoman cape to impress others and hear them say how wonderful and accomplished I am.  But when I remember how empty and exhausted it felt to try to do it all, I realize it's okay never to wear that cape again?"  I am working toward that!!  It is hard, I am a pleaser and a doer.  I want to help everyone and make their life easier--always at the expense of mine and my families.  Thankfully every day is a new day.

I walked up to the alter today to talk to the Pastor.  I asked him to help me find a mentor, a accountability partner, a prayer partner.  Pray with me as I seek a strong Godly woman that will help me learn to walk with God and leave the accolades of this world behind.

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