Saturday, February 1, 2014

Survival Mode

One of things I asked for this Christmas was the book : "Saying Goodbye to Survival Mode".  I usually call it living life on a Hamster Wheel.  So often I feel like a I am running as hard as I can but I make little to no progress.  I am working to change that in 2014.  I feel that I need to make radical changes.  Please pray with me and ask God to direct my path.  I have lived my life center stage for the last few years.  I am feeling that in order to get off the wheel, I will need to get off the stage.  One big problem I have is that I don't handle down time well.  I love to read but hate cleaning my house.  So when I have down town, I take all the time for myself and read, sleep or watch tv.  Balance is what has been missing for a while.  I'm a work in is taking a while with this pile of clay. :)

It may be time stop being super BCBA and become a BCBA Mom.  So often my business comes before everything else, God, Family, Home, Fun, health, etc.

I recently had a health scare.  I was told I had had a heart attack.  Thankfully it can back as fine, but now I am having MRI's.  My anxiety level is through the roof.  My weight is where is was when I delivered my babies.  And overall I am overdone.

I need to learn to breath again...

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